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Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Darien Entwistle

About Me - The man behind the screen

Has been in the tech industry for well over a decade, from Geek Squad agent to private computer repairman, and was an IT Systems Administrator at a Fortune 500 company where he helps repair and deploy Windows laptops as well as manage a fleet of Apple Macbooks via JAMF for over 7 years and now currently is a systems engineer.   Darien has been enjoying video games passionately from the arcade games of yester-year to later consoles like N64 and Xbox to all the latest PC games and recently now enjoys the virtual reality world on regular basis with his Rift S and Quest 2

Whats this site all about?

To show off , to allow me to share to others and enjoy all of my various projects: some are old programming projects of fun attempts, others using Raspberry Pi`s, home servers, from arcade cabinets , to vintage Apple Macintosh`s and more! 

Enjoy !

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